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Best Rate Guarantee Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to submit a claim?
To submit a claim for the Best Rate Guarantee you need to complete the online claim form. To complete the form the following information is required: booked reservation number from the Hotel website, the website name where a lower rate was found; details of the original booked reservation; an email address; details of the lower rate found.

Do I need to make a reservation in order to submit a claim?
Yes, a reservation must be made on the Hotel website in order to submit a claim.

Do I need to submit a screen shot of the external site? No, a screen shot of the external site is not required. Just all details from the external site quoting the Lower rate.

How do I submit a claim?
Click on our Online Claim Form link and complete the form.

How long until I hear back from my claim?
All claims will be responded to within 48 business hours from the claim being submitted.

How will I know when my claim is validated?
All claims made through our Online Claim Form will receive written correspondence via email.

If my reservation is pre-paid and I make a valid claim against it, when will I receive a credit for the Best Rate Guarantee rate difference?
Any credits created due to a Best Rate Guarantee claim will be applied to the guest stay at the hotel booked with the Best Rate Guarantee.

How will the hotel determine if I have a Best Rate Guarantee violation if rates are quoted in different currencies?
In order to qualify for the Best Rate Guarantee the Lower rate must be quoted in the same currency as the rate booked on the Hotel website.

What if I change or cancel my reservation, can I use my rate from a Best Rate Guarantee on a future reservation?
Only the dates of the originally booked reservation apply to the Best Rate Guarantee. If a claim is found to qualify for the Best Rate Guarantee, and the reservation is changed to different dates or cancelled the rate awarded in the Best Rate Guarantee will not be honored.

Can I submit a claim from a non-English Web site?
Yes, claim forms can be submitted from a non-English Web site.

What if I can book a particular room type through a Competing room provider, but not through the Hotel?
Only bookings made through the Hotel website qualify for the Best Rate Guarantee, no claim forms with reservations booked through other providers will be considered in the Best Rate Guarantee Program.